Bannack Best: Portraits

3 INDIVIDUAL PORTRAITS: "What'chu Lookin' At?" (Lighting: natural window light) "Number One" (Lighting: strobe with a beauty dish) "Future Frontier Man" (Lighting: natural window light and silver reflector) .................... GROUP SHOT: "Happily Caught" (Lighting: strobe with a softbox) .................... GHOST IMAGE: "Shifter" (Lighting: natural window lighting)



For this project, I asked a dear friend, my husband and his two buddies, and my coworkers at the Tutoring Center if they would all like to pose for some pictures. I had the most fun with the individual portrait shoots. I have far more than I've pictured here, and I think they turned out... Continue Reading →

Lighting with Reflectors

This class project was fun, though admittedly a bit difficult with the crazy wind this morning. We laughed despite it. I went outside to take pictures with and of LeeAnn and India. India is my model for the first three pictures and then LeeAnn is my model for the last. The best part was working... Continue Reading →

Macro: Up Close and Personal

This project was a ton of fun, but I would be lying if I didn't say it was a more challenging one for me. Through this, I learned that I don't have the steadiest hands. In order to take extremely clear and focused shots up close, you can't shake. The slightest movement will cause the... Continue Reading →

Perspective of 12: Christmas Lights

For this assignment, I had a little trouble deciding on what subject to photograph. After looking at all the example collages of typewriters, I thought I wanted to find something antique to be my subject and so I went to Deseret Industries. While there, I stumbled upon Christmas lights for cheap that someone wanted to... Continue Reading →

Depth of Field: Deep and Shallow

This week was such a blast for me! I took my camera nearly everywhere with me and snapped a bunch of pictures. This past Friday, May 5, I ended up walking home from work (a decent walk, mind you) to enjoy the sunlight and take some great photos, which is where most of these pictures come... Continue Reading →

Motion: Freeze and Blur

For this round of photos, I was a bit nervous with my little photography experience and the late arrival of my camera delivery from Amazon. I attempted to capture pictures of freezing motion and blurring motion. I saw a pinwheel as my husband and I were headed to school, and using the penny to create... Continue Reading →

Photobook Design

Since I have barely any professional pictures of my own, I decided to search photos of sunflowers for my 2-page photobook spread draft. As for the design, I thought simplicity was best. This 2-page spread is a showcase of how I would like to put related (color and theme) photos on the same spreads, and place... Continue Reading →

Past Photos

BIO: My name is Megan Gillins Crist. I was born and raised in sin city (Las Vegas, NV), am just recently and happily married to my best friend, and am currently in my seventh semester of college. I am an English major with an emphasis in creative writing and a minor in Communications, visual design emphasis.... Continue Reading →

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