Fine Art Print

This is the image I chose to print (without the watermark):

And this is the original image, before editing in Photoshop:

This image was taken on my Canon Rebel T6 around noon time on the BYU-Idaho campus in front of the Romney building. I chose this image because 1) I absolutely love taking pictures of flowers, 2) my husband really loved this image, 3) it matched the white and black with pops of red themed decor of our living room, and 4) I was really proud of this shot. It was taken on an ordinary day in front of a college building, but I don’t think anyone would ever guess that. Plus, I really like how the rose bud peeping out from the rose’s side gives the photo more character.

My photographic process of taking this was simply having my camera with me after class. On Wednesdays after class, I always walk around campus and snap photos of anything that intrigues me while I wait for my husband to get out of class. I saw these roses and started taking pictures. Then I got as close as I could to one before my 18-55mm refused to focus anymore, and I snapped this picture. I think it’s beautiful!

As far as the editing process goes, I believe in minimalism for most things. I want to capture beauty more than create it, if that makes sense. So all I did was fall back on my favorite and effective edits: levels, selective color, and vibrance. I meddled with the levels until the background was a bit more dark and the brightness was centered on the flower, to make it the main focus. Then in selective color I increased the magenta hue of the rose and the yellowish tint of the green just slightly. Then I ended by increasing the vibrance overall so it came to life a little more. It wasn’t much, but I felt it all added just enough.


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