Bannack Best: Themed Images

Photo Grid Template:

(I can’t decide on white or black, but I’m leaning more towards black. I’m thinking I want this to be the cover of my photo book, and that I’d prefer it to be black.)


Themed Images: “Holes”

This assignment was perhaps what I had the most fun with on our trip to Bannack, Montana. I went on the trip with no clue about what would end up being my subject for these themed images, but that’s why I kept an open mind. At first, I thought my theme would revolve around wood. When we broke up for free time, that’s what I started taking pictures of. Then I noticed that every single time I took a photo of any wood, I was mostly drawn to the holes that I would find within the wood.

So then I thought: “Well, if I’m most drawn to holes, I might as well make that my subject and have more variety than just wood.” I started paying attention to holes in everything: walls, doors, rust, etc. And I began having a more enjoyable time with that than anything else because it’s something I was drawn to (like I said earlier), something I could get passionate about.

I’m actually really proud of this project. I’m super happy with the results.

(The first three images contain the required typography.)

Title: Love Ya Like A Sister, Decorative

Body: Corbel, Sans-Serif



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