Lighting with Reflectors

This class project was fun, though admittedly a bit difficult with the crazy wind this morning. We laughed despite it. I went outside to take pictures with and of LeeAnn and India. India is my model for the first three pictures and then LeeAnn is my model for the last. The best part was working with hair in the wind. We also had an interesting time trying to hold up the reflector just right so that it would either catch or block the sun’s light and also so that the wind wouldn’t blow it away. The reflectors made an immense difference in the overall composure and quality of the photo. The diffuser and black reflector got rid of shadows. However, I didn’t really like the silver reflector. I love the picture I caught of India smiling, but I so wish it had been taken with a different reflector.

Lighting without a Reflector

Lighting with a Diffuser

Lighting with a Silver Reflector

Lighting with a Black Reflector


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