Depth of Field: Deep and Shallow

This week was such a blast for me! I took my camera nearly everywhere with me and snapped a bunch of pictures. This past Friday, May 5, I ended up walking home from work (a decent walk, mind you) to enjoy the sunlight and take some great photos, which is where most of these pictures come from. What I mainly learned is that sometimes there are moments you can’t capture again, so always have a camera at the ready. For the entire week, it was so liberating to see something beautiful and think: “I have a camera! I can keep this moment!” Afterwards, I spent a bit of time on Photoshop, brightening and sharpening the images to enhance color and clarity (very minimal edits overall, except for the railroad crossing in which I created part of the sky).

Through this project, I definitely discovered that I have a greater love for shallow depth of field than deep depth of field. I enjoy discovering the small things around me and making them last longer through a photo. I love the effect that blurring can have to concentrate an audience’s focus on one small entity of the picture, making little things a lot larger in meaning and message.

Deep Depth of Field Photos

Spori Lamp: 05-05-17; 6:29 p.m.; Spori-BYUI Campus; FL: 34 mm; f/16; 1/800; Canon EOS Rebel T6.

Homestead River: 05-05-17; 7:16 p.m.; Rexburg Homestead; FL: 18 mm; f/7.1; 1/1000; Canon EOS Rebel T6.

Railroad Crossing: 05-05-17; 7:07 p.m.; Rexburg-Main street’s railroad crossing; FL: 37 mm; f/11; 1/1000; Canon EOS Rebel T6.

Homestead fountain: 05-05-17; 7:18 p.m.; Rexburg Homestead; FL: 55 mm; f/6.3; 1/1000; Canon EOS Rebel T6.

Shallow Depth of Field Photos

White Flowers: 05-03-17; 10:43 a.m.; BYUI campus; FL: 55 mm; f/5.6; 1/400; Canon EOS Rebel T6.

Squirrel: 05-05-17; 6:41 p.m.; Rexburg-2nd street; FL: 55 mm; f/5.6; 1/800; Canon EOS Rebel T6.

Bee in Flowers: 05-05-17; 7:19 p.m.; Rexburg; FL: 55 mm; f/6.3; 1/1000; Canon EOS Rebel T6.

Bright Flowers: 05-02-17; 10:46 a.m.; BYUI Campus; FL: 55 mm; f/7.1; 1/200; Canon EOS Rebel T6.

Ladybug in Flower: 05-07-17; 12:51 p.m.; Rexburg-my apartment; FL: 55 mm; f/9; 1/1000; Canon EOS Rebel T6.


8 thoughts on “Depth of Field: Deep and Shallow

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  1. I love that you’ve submitted so many photos to see the variety of of what you can do with your camera! Well done on the deep depth, I like the fountain and the red wall photo most. Creative approach!


  2. I really enjoyed your pictures!! I especially love the railroad crossing one. I think the colors especially of the sky really pop, and the whole picture is really just so clear and crisp!


  3. These are really great Megan! You have great angles! I really struggle with that. I really like the sky shots. They’re fantastic. You had great deep field shots too. The fountain looks amazing. I think you have a great mix of composition and colors. Great job! I’d love to hear any feedback you might have for me. You obviously know what you are doing.


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