Photobook Design

Since I have barely any professional pictures of my own, I decided to search photos of sunflowers for my 2-page photobook spread draft. As for the design, I thought simplicity was best. This 2-page spread is a showcase of how I would like to put related (color and theme) photos on the same spreads, and place shapes (rectangular or not) around them that compliment those colors and themes. For this example spread, I used the eyedropper tool to detect the colors of the largest photo and implement them for a vintage/autumn uniform feel across the two pages.

I hope to stick with this vision, but I may change it as the course continues and my photos reflect a different need.

Disclaimer: These images are not my own, though the text written acts as if they were.

Photobook Design


Nixie One, Sans Serif

Cabin Sketch, Decorative









Wilting Sunflower

Flower in the Sun

Brunette Girl & Sunflower

Sunflower Wedding

Blonde Girl & Sunflower


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  1. Hi Megan! Your photo book looks amazing! I especially love all the warm colors you used. I think it really stands out and makes all the pictures pop. I also like how you kept the theme of sunflowers throughout your design. It really helps tie everything together.

    Morgan Miller


  2. Wow Megan, that looks like a great layout! I can definitely see the skills you build in Comm 130 being brought over into this project. I really like how you matched the color scheme between the photos and the layout. It will be fun to see how you do the same things with pictures of many different things in the future.

    My Blog:
    Denton Isaacs’ Blog:


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