Past Photos


My name is Megan Gillins Crist. I was born and raised in sin city (Las Vegas, NV), am just recently and happily married to my best friend, and am currently in my seventh semester of college. I am an English major with an emphasis in creative writing and a minor in Communications, visual design emphasis. I took Comm 130 last semester and it sparked an interest to steer my minor toward a visual design emphasis which includes taking this digital imaging course.

However, I have very limited experience when it comes to professional photography. I worked a seasonal job as a yearbook photographer for a company in Vegas for a few falls, but that is not to say I gained any actual skill from that. I have not edited much, besides a few tweaks with vibrance, unsharp mask, selective color, and brightness tools in the Adobe Photoshop program.


(I realize this is not a very professional picture. I only have a record of me in mostly selfies for the last few years of my life. Otherwise, the photographs involve other people as well.)


These photos I am including are the only attempt at professional photography I’ve done. They were for a magazine mockup project in the Visual Design course at BYU-Idaho. All are have minor editing done, using the Adobe Photoshop program with the vibrance, unsharp mask, selective color, and levels tools. If I included other photos, they would only be crappy quality ones from my iPhone or yearbook profiles of various children (which I’m not permitted to own/share).

Below are not only the edited images of my personal photography, but the before shots to show the editing that took place. Again, the editing for each picture only involved four tools from Adobe Photoshop: vibrance, unsharp mask, selective color, and levels.






As you can see, I have only taken portraits up to this point and I have enjoyed it. But who knows? I may change my mind and switch to objects or landscape. More than anything, what I want to learn is how to take a wonderful picture from the get-go and how to enhance my editing skills.





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