Magazine Mockup Project

Magazine CoverFirst Page SpreadSecond Page Spread


Create a magazine cover and 2-page spread for BYU-Idaho. The magazine name and design may be up to your choosing.


  1. First, I took pictures of my husband for the photography activity. I decided I liked taking portraits more than landscapes and opted to seek out some friends as more models for the rest of the magazine.
  2. I edited each of the photos in Adobe Photoshop. First, I would sharpen the image using the Unsharp Mask. Then I played around with Levels and Vibrance until I was satisfied with the lighting quality. Lastly, I would use Selective Color to get rid of red flesh tones and also enhance others colors, such as blue.
  3. For the main portrait on the magazine cover, I lassoed the outline of my husband and feathered/erased what excess there was to only show him.
  4. I found a blue textured background on Pixabay that would go nicely with the shades of blue theme. I particularly liked it because it held a silvery quality to highlight the image of my husband more.
  5. I chose to entitle the magazine “Upward” just because that’s what first came to mind. Also, the choice to let the “U” and “D” hang off the page a little was a conscious one. I found it unique, different, and yet still pleasing and legible.
  6. I initially had the idea to make arrows a recurring theme, but the more I tried to implement them the less I liked the look and feel of the magazine. In the end, I decided to go with thinly lined squares/rectangles to better match the square portraits of the other photos. This later moved me to figure out a way to make it a recurring theme between the cover and the spread: hence, the rectangle around the “UP” portion of “UPWARD.”
  7. I created the first page of the spread in Adobe Indesign versus using Adobe Photoshop for the other two pages.
  8. I chose my favorite parts from a BYU-I Devotional Talk by Stephanie Nielson and text wrapped those around the blue background square. I decided on two columns because I felt it gave it more of an authentic “magazine feel.” That is the same reason I chose to start the article a third of the way down the page.
  9. I created my own subtitles for the article I chose.


Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to receive critique. I did not create a draft due to a migraine that plagued me for a few days. So sadly, I also got a late start on this assignment overall.


BYU-Idaho is a university that encourages upward, inspired thinking through finding purpose as an individual and by garnering compassion and teamwork with others.


My audience would be the students and faculty of this campus. Also, potential students, any LDS member in general, or just people who appreciate positive material could be included in the audience.


One frustrating thing that I learned (and I may be wrong about this) is that you can only text wrap in Adobe Indesign. So I had to begin the whole first page of my spread again once I realized this. I also learned that it’s okay to have a wrong idea that could lead you in a better direction. I didn’t like the arrow theme I went with at first, but the clean and straight edging gave me an idea to go with the squares/rectangles theme.


I went with an overarching shades of blue theme. I decided to go with blue based on the shirt color of my main portrait on the cover.


Arsenal, Sans Serif


PT Serif, Serif




I captured all of the images myself. They are of my husband and friends.

The only one I used from another source was the blue textured background for the magazine pages.

Blue Textured Background




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