Photobook Design

Since I have barely any professional pictures of my own, I decided to search photos of sunflowers for my 2-page photobook spread draft. As for the design, I thought simplicity was best. This 2-page spread is a showcase of how I would like to put related (color and theme) photos on the same spreads, and place... Continue Reading →


Past Photos

BIO: My name is Megan Gillins Crist. I was born and raised in sin city (Las Vegas, NV), am just recently and happily married to my best friend, and am currently in my seventh semester of college. I am an English major with an emphasis in creative writing and a minor in Communications, visual design emphasis.... Continue Reading →

Reflection Project

The Updated Version (After): The Original Creation (Before): For this final project, I decided to redo my montage project. I received feedback on it that lent itself to improvement. I decided that I could change and enhance. First, I made the text bright and legible by turning the color to white instead of the previous... Continue Reading →

Magazine Mockup Project

DESCRIPTION Create a magazine cover and 2-page spread for BYU-Idaho. The magazine name and design may be up to your choosing. PROCESS First, I took pictures of my husband for the photography activity. I decided I liked taking portraits more than landscapes and opted to seek out some friends as more models for the rest of the... Continue Reading →

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