Brochure Design Project

Pages 1, 3, and 6

Coca-Cola Brochure pages 1, 3, and 6

Pages 2, 4, and 5

Coca-Cola Brochure Pages 2, 4, and 5


Design a brochure pamphlet for a company or product of choice to promote business and/or sales.


  1. First, I had to decide what company I wanted to promote. I had been doing projects for my “Lefties” logo for a while, so when I heard we could do a different company, I immediately chose Coca-Cola (The World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia to be more specific) because 1) Coke is my favorite beverage and 2) going to the World of Coca-Cola is my dream vacation.
  2. So first I researched The World of Coca-Cola in order to write up some passages for the pamphlet.
  3. Then I began searching pictures of Coca-Cola on Unsplash and Pixabay. It wasn’t hard to find a lot of options because of how popular the Coke brand has become.
  4. I sorted through those options to find two pictures I especially liked to be set as full pages of the pamphlet. Then I found a photo of an old, faded Coca-Cola sign and also an image of Coca-Cola in a cup with straws.
  5. I used the last image to wrap my text around, so I had to go into Adobe Photoshop and cut out the background and refine the edges. Then I placed the image on my brochure in Indesign on pages 4 and 5 and wrapped the text around it.
  6. I then placed the full images on pages 2 and 6.
  7. I knew I wanted to use the old Coca-Cola sign in some way and I knew a good way to do so was to put it on the title page. But then an idea struck that was too awesome to pass. I thought about making a cut-out of a Coca-Cola can the front page, meaning that it would also only show a cut-on can framing the image on page 2 as well.
  8. I opened up Adobe Illustrator and created my own can to place on the front page.
  9. I sought to match the red color with the darker red of the sign with the Eyedropper tool, creating a more vintage feel.
  10. I put red and black lines on the brochure on the pages with text to show alignment and repetition, with colors and the fact that it was on more page than one.
  11. Also, I was very careful about the pictures I chose because I wanted them to point to the text, where the reader’s eyes should gravitate too. For example, the bottles on page 2 point to the right.
  12. Reminder: though I cannot show it on a JPEG image, the Coca-Cola can on the first page should be cut out also causing the image of the bottles on page 2 to be cut out in a can shape.


After receiving critique from my peers, I spent some more time sharpening and refining the lining of the Coca-Cola in a cup on pages 4 and 5. Before, it was not as defined and still showed the background. I also remade the can to have a rounder look on the left top side.


The World of Coca-Cola is a fun, interesting, and timeless (hence the vintage feel) place to visit and create memories.


I would be trying to persuade anyone in need of a fun vacation but especially locals and residents from surrounding cities and states of the need to venture here.


I learned that it is so fun to use ALL programs, now that I’ve learned a little bit of each, to implement into one project. I learned that perfect alignment is crucial when making a brochure, not only with pages but with the substance on those pages. Direction of objects matters, too, when trying to draw your audience’s eye to a certain area.


Black and White with a pop of color: red. Because those are the colors of the product: liquid and can combined. It has worked as a color scheme for the company for years and continues to work.


Dancing Script-Regular, Script, and Merriweather, Serif

I chose these because both fonts reminded me of the Coca-Cola logo (the old one and the new), and I’m happy I did because during peer reviews, a peer remarked that they thought the same!


Merriweather-(Regular, Bold, Italics), Serif


A vintage Coca-Cola sign.

A group of Coca-Cola bottles.

A fountain drink of Coca-Cola.

Shelves of beverages.


The image of the can on the front page is my own creation.

Shelves of Beverages

Coca-Cola Bottles

Coca-Cola Cup

Vintage Coca-Cola Sign



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