Business Identity Project

Business Card.jpg


Create a logo for a company/service/organization and establish

PROCESS (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles)

1. First, I sketched out different ideas. I wasn’t even sure what “company” I wanted to design a logo for, so there were various “companies” to choose from. I drew everything from eyes to hands to little cartoon images to interesting letters.
2. Ultimately, I decided to go with my “Lefties” logo idea. James Crist is my husband and this “business” was inspired by him writing a paper about discrimination against left-handed people in this modern age. I thought it would be cute and funny to “support his cause.”
3. I then entered Adobe Illustrator. For the hand logo, I used the pen tool to craft a hand and the rotator tool to adjust the text at the right angle; I also used the pen tool again to create the effect of the “f” in “Lefties” looping around the thumb. For the scissors logo, I used the pen tool and the ellipse tool to create the scissors. For the check box, I used the rectangle tool to form the box and the pen tool for the checkmark.

Business Logo Drafts.jpg
4. I played around with a bunch of different google fonts to get the “feel” that I wanted in each different logo.
5. After receiving multiple opinions, I went forward with the hand logo, because it was a favorite. I refined the outline of the hand to be less edgy and also more defined. I then placed it on the business card and letterhead for the “company.”

Lefties Final Logo.jpg
6. For the business card, I decided to keep it simple because I felt my logo already spoke for itself and that the card would be too overwhelming if anything more was added. I also decided center alignment was okay because the font was slanted and the hand wouldn’t necessarily appear in the middle. I decided to similarly keep the letterhead very basic, only adding the touch of a header line that alternated color from red to black and size from thick to thin.


After receiving critique from my peers and professor, I knew that a few tweaks needed to be made. Those tweaks involved ultimately choosing the hand that only showed the letter “L” rather than the entire hand and then refining of the edges of the hand so that it could appear more defined. It involved switching the positioning of the logo and placement of the text on the letterhead as well.

Lefties are fun and interesting, and deserve recognition more in this right-handed world.

Mostly lefties, but also with hopes that right-handed individuals will take notice and think up unique ways to make a difference for lefties, such as making left-handed items more accessible and less expensive or inventing non-smudge pens for them.

I learned that sometimes your first idea can be your best idea and not to doubt yourself so much in the process. I also learned that the first idea, while good, can always use improvement and that I should not be so quick to form something with the pen tool, leaving it sloppy and undone.

Black and White with a pop of color: red (also flesh-colored because it just makes sense for the hand).

Cookies-Regular, Script

Arsenal-Regular, Sans Serif



SOURCE OF EACH IMAGE (website name and hyperlink)
The graphics are my own creations.


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