Photobook Final

This class was my favorite class of the semester and has actually been my favorite class of my entire college career (and I'm on my seventh semester!). I found it incredible how much I learned in such a little span of time, and I discovered a new passion. Originally, I just took this course to... Continue Reading →


Fine Art Print

This is the image I chose to print (without the watermark): And this is the original image, before editing in Photoshop: This image was taken on my Canon Rebel T6 around noon time on the BYU-Idaho campus in front of the Romney building. I chose this image because 1) I absolutely love taking pictures of... Continue Reading →

Composite Image: Fire Fohawk

If I'm being honest, I think I'm a much better photographer than editor. I feel like I can do simple edits, but "creating" and combining images on the computer is not my forte. I struggled with this assignment, mostly conjuring the idea and then executing it in Photoshop. Taking pictures was the easy part. The... Continue Reading →

Favorite Five

The process for choosing my favorite photographs out of all that I had taken this semester was difficult, to say the least. I had a lot of photos that I came to love, mainly because of what happened behind the scenes to get the photo. In the end, though, I ultimately had to decide from... Continue Reading →

Photobook Layout (first pages)

This process has not been an easy one. Adobe Indesign and I don't get along very well. On the whole, I find it rather frustrating. I feel like my vision is lacking in certain aspects for this project. After creating these pages and thinking it over, I decided I might add a texture to the... Continue Reading →

Bannack Best: Themed Images

Photo Grid Template: (I can't decide on white or black, but I'm leaning more towards black. I'm thinking I want this to be the cover of my photo book, and that I'd prefer it to be black.) Themed Images: "Holes" This assignment was perhaps what I had the most fun with on our trip to... Continue Reading →

Bannack Best: Creative

LEVITATION: "And I Ascend" (originals)   .................... CONCEPTUAL: "Funeral-ized Cinderella" .................... OUT-OF-THE-BOX: "Wanna Drink?"  

Bannack Best: Fine Art

HDR PHOTO: "Bring Out Da Best"    .................... BLACK AND WHITE: "Bottles and Nails" .................... MORE FINE ART: "Merry" "May She Rest In Pieces" "Bright and Round" "Gazing Through Glass"  

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